Sound plays an important role in the perception of our environment. We use our ears not only for orientation, recognition and communication, but also for the pleasure of listening to music or even to silence. The way a building sounds is an important part of our perception of space. The design of the built environment therefore also belongs to the field of acoustics.


Level Acoustics & Vibration offers acoustic consultancy in a all types of building designs where acoustic issues need special attention, like room acoustics, sound insulation or vibration control. In cooperation with the client, user and architect we design the acoustic environment to match expectations and to inspire, not only from an acoustical point of view, but also from an architectural point of view. Also, we offer our support in the development of new acoustic products using advanced prediction and measurement tools.


An overview of the different topics and activities that we cover in our consultancy work and the working fields we have experience with, is given below. The topics that are covered are:


  • Building acoustics, which relates to the sound insulation of building parts. This also concerns sound from and to the (urban) environment;
  • Room acoustics, which relates to the experience of sound in a space, for example theatres, where intelligibility should be high, or open office spaces, where intelligibility should be kept low;
  • Vibration, a possible additional problem to noise disturbance. Also low frequency noise is sometimes better explained as vibrations.


Consultancy takes place in the form of taking part in projects as consultant and acoustic designer, product development and (co-)writing documentation, and with the aid of measurements in the laboratory, in the field and with prediction models.


The type of buildings and environments that we work on can be seperated in the following working fields: cinemas, concert halls, office buildings, popular music halls, public buildings, rehearsal rooms, residential buildings, schools and auditoria, recording studios, theatres, urban environment and places of worship.


To take a look at a selection of the projects that we have participated in, visit our Projects page.


Header image: Photograph by Bas Princen, Courtesy of Fondazione Prada

Working fields

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