It is becoming more common in building projects that new materials and constructions are being proposed by architects and interior designers. In many cases, the acoustic performance of these materials is unknown and has to be predicted. During consultancy work, various acoustic models are used to predict the acoustical behavior of materials, rooms and buildings. Room acoustical parameters can be predicted using a geometric model using image source modeling and ray tracing.


Some of the prediction models we use are listed below.


Sound insulation of materials

We can estimate the sound insulation of various types of materials and constructions with the program BASlab (in future called Bassist).


Sound insulation between rooms

We can estimate the sound transmission from room to room using the program BASluco (in future called Bassist).


Sound absorption of materials

We can estimate the sound absorption of materials using the program WINFLAG and BASabs.


Room acoustical predictions of rooms

For the modeling of reverberation time in rooms with a common geometry, the software program SABIN is used. When more detailed analyses are necessary the program CATT Acoustics is used, a program based on image source modeling and ray tracing in a geometric model of the room. 3D models in AutoCAD or SketchUp can be transferred to CATT Acoustics by the SU²CATT plug-in. Another ray tracing model that we use for room acoustical predictions is Odeon.

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