Level Acoustics & Vibration BV
De Rondom 10
5612 AP Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Laboratorium voor Akoestiek / Echo
TU/e campus nr. 28

+31 (0)40-2472700


By car


From all motorways to and around Eindhoven (A2, A50, A58, A67 en A270) follow the road signs with 'Centrum' until 'Universiteit' is indicated. Please be aware that the ring road around Eindhoven has changed in the past years. The university campus has three entrances, the east and south entrance are closest to the laboratory. The Laboratorium voor Akoestiek can be found in the southeast corner of the TU/e campus at the blue sign with nr. 28 (building name ECHO).


By train


In Eindhoven Central Station, take the stairs down from the platform and turn to your right. Take the exit on the north side of the station through the bus station. Walk towards the right between the high-rise buildings and you will see the university buildings within a few minutes walk (look for the large TU/e-sign on top of the Building Engineering Faculty). Cross the street at the traffic light and follow the street to the right. After a few 100 meters, enter the campus behind the TNO-building. On the campus, walk towards the right behind the GE-building and you will find the Laboratorium voor Akoestiek at your right side at the blue sign with nr. 28 (building name ECHO).

During peak hours, bus 104 shuttles between the station and the campus. The bus stop is in front of the Laboratorium voor Akoestiek.