About Level Acoustics & Vibration

Level Acoustics & Vibration is one of the spin-off companies of Eindhoven University of Technology. Designing fit-to-purpose acoustics for challenging built environments is one of our main drivers. The human aural perception is always the starting point. Besides consultancy in predominantly outstanding building- and rail projects in the Netherlands and abroad, and developing cutting-edge building concept and products, we are also involved in research and knowledge transfer. With national and international research partners we join in large EU research projects. Results are implemented in EN standards, for example the EN 12354 series covering sound insulation. We teach students and specialists by contributing to courses and organising workshops at our acoustics laboratory.

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Webinar Constructions in Wood

Thursday 17 Februaru Susanne Bron-van der Jagt will discuss sound insulation and vibration in the Webinar “construeren met hout” (in Dutch). […]

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Felix Meritis Amsterdam – Renovation finished

Cultural and performing arts centre Felix Meritis Amsterdam has reopened after renovation. Level Acoustics & Vibration was the acoustic consultant during […]

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Level involved in renovation Binnenhof

The Binnenhof in The Hague houses the members of parliament, members of the Cabinet and many staff members. The Binnenhof complex […]

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Contributing to comfortable and challenging acoustic environments is one of our drivers. We design the acoustics and dynamics of pioneering buildings, renovation of buildings, urban environments and innovative building concepts. To be able to do this we develop analytical and numerical calculation models (see also research). Consultancy varies from taking part in a design team to solving acoustical issues in existing buildings or environments, but also helping develop products. We run and use an acoustics laboratory; besides, we experiment and test in scale models and real (1:1) buildings using our extensive set of measurement equipment.

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Research is at the center of our interest. We develop analytical and numerical calculation models in (inter)national- and self-financed research projects. We run and use an acoustics laboratory; besides, we experiment and test in scale models and real (1:1) buildings using our extensive set of measurement equipment. Research forms the basis for our consultancy projects and we participate in scientific research projects. We look to contribute in innovative acoustic design and in projects that increase our basic knowledge of the subject. Being involved in research makes it possible to maintain high quality and to design cutting-edge solutions in consultancy projects.

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Knowledge transfer

Level Acoustics & Vibration is a research and consultancy company. We develop and apply knowledge. Besides, one of our missions is to share and disseminate knowledge in the field of room acoustics, building acoustics and vibration. We do this in several ways. On a yearly basis we organise courses, workshops and international master classes for researchers and companies. At request also tailor-made In Company courses can be put together by us. To conclude we disseminate calculation models developed by us via our subsidiary Level.Tools.

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