Measurements on location

Measurements on location

In many projects measurements are a common way to check and verify the acoustic performance before, during or after construction. As a result of such measurements the design can be optimized and construction faults can be detected. Level Acoustics & Vibration has the facilities and knowledge to perform various acoustical measurements in the field. In addition to standard measurements, we can also conduct specialised field research, such as the mapping of the room acoustics of a hall and the measurement of speech intelligibility. The latest techniques are used by measuring room impulse responses with DIRAC software.

Below some of the measurements that we can perform are listed. If you are interested in another kind of measurement, please contact us through the contact form below.


Measurements on location


Sound level

To investigate the noise of the mechanical systems and to analyze the cause of noise, detailed sound level measurements can be done.


Sound insulation

The sound insulation between rooms and of a façade can be measured. We have special techniques to our disposal to measure very high sound insulations and to carry out measurements even under noisy conditions.


Room acoustic parameters

By using impulse techniques and the acoustic software DIRAC we are able to measure all the room acoustic parameters to describe the acoustic quality of a space. Besides reverberation time, a number of other room acoustical parameters can be measured, for example to investigate and describe the acoustics of concert halls and theatres. Examples of such parameters are the sound strength, clarity and listeners envelopment.


Speech intelligibility (STI)

In cases where the intelligibility of speech is of high importance, like in offices and auditoria, but also in spaces where public address systems and voice emergency systems are used, we can measure the intelligibility of speech by the STI method. Other quantities can also be measured like the STIPA and RASTI.



We have several high-sensitive accelerometers at our disposal to measure vibrations of floors, machinery or larger objects like ships.


Lab measurements


To know more about or measuring facilities at Echo Laboratorium voor Akoestiek, read the page about Lab measurements.

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