Product development

Product development

During product design, product developers may need indicative measurements on their products acoustic performance and technical support from acousticians. In other cases, a consultant might need to know the acoustic material properties of new or untested materials when designing a hall or room. Level Acoustics & Vibration can support in developing new materials by using prediction models, laboratory measurements and state of the art knowledge in the field.


Among other things, the following types of acoustical products can be developed:


Sound absorbing products

Level Acoustics & Vibration can investigate the sound absorbing properties of materials using prediction models or measurements in a reverberation room (ISO 354) of a 10-12 m² sample or in a impedance tube (Kundt tube) of a small 4 cm round sample (ISO 10534-2).


Sound insulating products

In our acoustics laboratory, the sound insulation (or transmission loss) of glazing and wall panels can be determined in the small opening of 1,88 m² according to ISO 140-3. The dimensions of the test panels are w x h = 1230 x 1480 mm². The small opening is specifically interesting in the product development stage to test different variants fast without the need of a full wall of 10 m². We also have a wall opening of 10m² to measure the sound insulation of walls and facades. Besides that, the laboratory has a 10 m² floor opening to test the impact and airborne sound insulation of floor and roof constructions.


Under floor products

We can investigate the dynamic stiffness of under floor materials according to ISO 9052-1. For the measurement 3 samples per material are needed with dimensions of 200 x 200 mm².




Some of our references are listed below.


Sound absorption
  • Coatacoustic (ceiling)
  • curtain replacement study for Muziekcentrum Eindhoven
  • Inside Outside / Petra Blaisse (various projects)
  • seat replacement study for Leidse Schouwburg
  • Biermans (theatre seats)
  • Van Keulen (silent roads)
  • Sound insulation (airborne)
  • Espero movable panels (development of new wall)
  • TNT Centre (development of new sustainable wall build-ups)
  • S-Panell (wall systems)
  • SIScam Turkey (glass panels)
  • Thiele Glas Werk (glass panels)
  • Berkvens (doors)


Walking noise
  • Unifloor (underlayment)
  • Prefab Limburg (A+ floor system)


Sound reduction index Kij of junctions
  • Xella (calcium silicate blocks junction)
  • Slimline Buildings (development of lightweight junction)
  • Wienerberger (ceramic blocks junctions)

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