Sounds in the built environment are created by natural and human (induced) sources, and they are all around us. Sounds can be pleasant and informative but they can also be disruptive or even a serious threat to our health.

Research as conducted by Level Acoustics & Vibration in close cooperation with the chair Building Acoustics of the TU/e at the Laboratorium voor Akoestiek and various other (international) research partners revolves around the continuous development of computational and experimental acoustic methods. These acoustic methods quantify the influence of the built environment on the propagation of sound from the sources to our ears.



The aim of these developments is twofold:

  • It supports fundamental research on the understanding of the mechanisms underlying the production, propagation and perception of sound in the built environment.
  • It offers researchers and designers tools to integrate and optimize acoustics for a sustainable (re)design of the built environment and technical innovations therein.

Herewith, we strive to contribute to the reduction of adverse health effects caused by human induced noise, and to promote positively perceived sound environments. Our strong ties with the academic and business community result in high-grade research opportunities. The research connects to the TU/e strategic areas health and smart mobility.


Research topics

See our topics below to find more information on the research projects that we have been or are involved in.

Just to name some examples of the fields we work in:
Vibration and low frequency noise in buildings due to nearby railway tracks
Reduction of walking induced vibrations and sound insulation in lightweight building concepts
Room acoustics of podia and performing arts halls

Some of the calculation models developed by Level Acoustics & Vibration are distributed by our subsidiary Level.Tools.


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