Knowledge transfer


Level Acoustics & Vibration is a research and consultancy company. We develop and apply knowledge in our projects. Next to that one of our missions is to share and disseminate knowledge in the field of architectural acoustics, urban acoustics and vibration. We destinguish:


  • Building acoustics, which relates to the sound insulation of building parts. This also concerns sound from and to the (urban) environment;
  • Room acoustics, which relates to the experience of sound in a space, for example theatres, where intelligibility should be high, or open office spaces, where intelligibility should be kept low;
  • Vibration, a possible additional problem to noise disturbance. Also low frequency noise is sometimes better explained as vibrations.


Educating takes on different forms, sometimes in cooperation with the chair Building Acoustics of the TU/e. Next to contributing to courses and workshops, we also contribute to scientific publications and develop other documents. Some of the calculation models developed by us are distributed by our subsidiary Level.Tools. In the past we have organised various master classes on acoustics.


We have special teaching and experimental facilities in Echo Laboratorium voor Akoestiek, where all types of students can learn from theory and practical experience, suitable for every level of expertise in Dutch or English. Visit our Facilities page for more information about Echo Laboratorium voor Akoestiek.




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