Level Acoustics & Vibration is located at Echo Laboratorium voor Akoestiek (building number 28) at the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The staff of the Chair Building Acoustics of the TU/e is also located here.

The laboratory has three connected sound transmission rooms, one of which is used as a reverberation chamber. The rooms are connected through a small vertical opening (1.88 m2) that can be used to investigate the insulation of small door and wall samples, a larger vertical opening (10 m2) for wall and facade testing and a large horizontal opening (10 m2) for floor and roof testing.


Among other things, the following acoustical measurements can be performed in our lab:


Measurements in the laboratory


Sound absorption

In the acoustics laboratory, the sound absorption can be measured in a reverberation room (ISO 354) of a 10-12 m² sample or in an impedance tube (Kundt tube) of a small 4 cm round sample of porous material (ISO 10534-2).


Sound insulation/transmission loss

In the laboratory, the sound insulation (or transmission loss) of glazing and wall panels can be determined in the small opening of 1,88 m² according to ISO 140-3. The dimensions of the test panels are w x h = 1,23 x 1,48 m². The small opening is specifically interesting in the product development stage to test different variants in a short amount of time, without the need to construct a full panel of 10 m².

In our laboratory also wall- and facade panels of 10 m² can be tested in our large vertical opening between two transmission rooms.

In addition, the laboratory has a 10 m² floor opening to test the impact and airborne sound insulation of floor and roof constructions.


Dynamic stiffness

The dynamic stiffness of under floor materials can be measured according to ISO 9052-1. For the measurement 3 samples per material are needed with dimensions of 200 x 200 mm².


Sound power

The sound generation capabilities of equipment and machinery is characterised by the sound power level of the device. In our laboratory it is possible to determine the sound power level of equipment by the reverberation room method and the sound intensity method according to ISO 3741.


Scale model measurments

An acoustical scale model is a physical model of a room, for instance on a scale of 1:10, in which measurements are performed with specialised (scaled) equipment. Materials that are used in the model must have the same absorption and scattering properties (to scale) as the used material in the field. Our laboratory maintains a permanent scale model measurement setup for the measurement of various room acoustical parameters. It is also possible to perform sound absorption measurements in a scaled reverberation room.


For questions on other measuring possibilities in our lab, please contact us through our contact form below.


Measurements in the field


Level Acoustics & Vibration owns and has access to various state of the art measurement tools. To find out more about measurements we can do in the field, visit the activity Measurements on location.


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