Urban environment

Urban environment

Not only the acoustic inside buildings is important; also the acoustic climate outside needs acoustical attention. We live in a very densely populated world with many sound sources around us, like traffic, installations, etc. For the well-being of people silence is important too. A variety of acoustical environments has to be designed and created.


  • Raceway, Venray (sound screens)
  • Athletics, Eindhoven (public address system)
  • Rivierenwijk, Deventer
  • Spoorzone, Tilburg (feasibility study)
  • University campus, Eindhoven
  • Schiphol Noise Barrier, Schiphol (competition)
  • Residential area, Limmel (feasibility study)
  • Hofstraat, Eindhoven
  • Popular music hall De Nobel, Leiden*
  • Airport, Gilze-Rijen (rattle noise)*


* Projects executed in cooperation with TNO


Header image: Raceway, Venray, image by Level Acoustics & Vibration

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