Melkweg and Effenaar


Popular music halls are characteristic for housing amplified music performances. In these kind of buildings it is very important to have dry acoustics (short reverberation time), so the sound can be easily controlled by sound engineers. Besides that, a high sound insulation towards the exterior environment and to adjacent spaces can be essential.


Two examples of popular music halls from projects carried out by Level Acoustics & Vibration are shown below.



Melkweg Amsterdam

The Max hall of the Melkweg in Amsterdam has been refurbished and enlarged up to 10 meters deeper. Ensuring a proper acoustic climate in the hall was the main focus of the project, that was executed in cooperation with Royal HaskoningDHV.


Effenaar Eindhoven

The acoustic design of the popular music venue the Effenaar in Eindhoven was consulted in cooperation with RoyalHaskoningDHV. It has a large hall located on the second floor. Visitors enter the hall in the middle of the audience area from below.


Max Hall of the Melkweg (left) and the Effenaar (right)
Max Hall of the Melkweg (left) and the Effenaar (right)