Specialized course Acoustics for Audiologists


The fourth edition of the Dutch course Acoustics for Audiologists (‘Akoestiek voor Audiologen in Opleiding’) has taken place at the Laboratorium voor Akoestiek in October 2017. This course was set up in 2012 by AMC and Level Acoustics & Vibration, especially designed for audiologists. The course was repeated in 2014 and 2015.

The four course days are filled with lectures in the mornings, given by Constant Hak, teaching acoustics at the TU in Eindhoven in the group Building Acoustics of the Department of the Built Environment, and workshops in the afternoon, executed by Remy Wenmaekers of Level Acoustics & Vibration. Also lecturing in this course are audiologists Prof.dr.ir. Wouter Dreschler, dr. Koen Rhebergen en dr. ir. Wim Soede.

For more information the leaflet of the course can be downloaden here (in Dutch).