Renovation De Voorste Venne in Drunen completed


De Voorste Venne has been renovated and reopened last month. The renovation of the 5.800 m2 building lasted one-and-half years, in which the building is transformed into a carré shaped conference center. Various spaces have been built or modernised, while the characteristic outlook of the building was preserved. The original building by Anton Pieck dates back to 1972 and has been renovated before, when it was turned into smaller music and dans studio’s that were rented out to cultural and social institutions. Since then, the building has also included an auditorium, an event hall and a pop music hall.



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Multifunctional hall (previously Utopia hall)

The current renovation included among others the redesign of the music and dans studio’s, the transformation of the pop music hall to multifunctional (pop)hall, the possibility to split the event hall into two spaces and furthermore the construction of new offices, a cultural café and a new central entrance at the east side of the building. The architect of this redesign was TenBrasWestinga. Level Acoustics & Vibration was acoustic consultant in this project. To achieve sufficient sound insulation, (semi) box-in box constructions were designed for the sound-sensitive areas. The room acoustics of the spaces have been adapted to meet the requirements of the modified program. Improvements have also been made in installations and the thermal envelope.