Scaffolding in front of façade Felix Meritis removed


The monumental building of Felix Meritis, situated at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam and in ownership of investment company Amerborgh since 2014, is being thoroughly renovated. The renovation started in January 2017 and will last until the end of 2018. The former debating center is being transformed into a cultural and social platform, functioning as a stage for a range of activities, such as exhibitions, performances and lectures, as well as the continuation of the previous catering activities. Like in any renovation project, redesign plans are regularly subject to necessary alterations during construction work. Level Acoustics & Vibration consults on and supervises the correct application of acoustical solutions during construction.


Until December 2017 activities still took place in the building under the name Felix in the Scaffolding. Since then the building is completely closed for renovation. This week saw a milestone with the removal of the scaffolding on the outside of the building, revealing again the 230 year old façade of the building.


Felix Meritis is part of the Amerpodia, a quartet of cultural houses in the center of Amsterdam. The other three stages are the Compagnietheater, De Rode Hoed and De Nieuwe Liefde.