Publication revised SBR-guideline A


The Dutch guidelines for the assessment of building vibration are compiled by SBR (Stichting BouwResearch).  The three main guidelines exist since 1992: part 1 concerns building damage, part 2 concerns annoyance and part 3 concerns vibration-sensitive equipment. The current names A, B and C were introduced after the revision in 2002.

Guideline A (building damage) has now been revised by a team under direction of SBRCURnet-commitee 1445 (‘Herziening Trillingsrichtlijn deel A’). In the revised version, more recent research results have been added, extra clarification is added per chapter with explanations and examples, and the evaluation of vibrations has been made clearer. Arnold Koopman has been involved in this revision as ‘reporter’ from Level Acoustics & Vibration, responsible for certain changes and additions.

During the revision process, the subject of vibration damage has become increasingly important due to the gas extraction in Groningen and the earthquakes that are hitting the province as a result. The SBR-guideline, although not explicitly designed for it, can also be applied to this subject.

The new revised SBR Trillingsrichtlijn A : Schade aan bouwwerken : 2017 (in Dutch) can be downloaded as PDF, for free, from the following site:

SBRCURnet publicaties

The B (annoyance) and C (vibration-sensitive equipment) guidelines are also available at that site (not for free).  They are not under revision yet, partially because SBRCURnet have stopped its activities as of December 31st 2017.