Participation in design contest Stationsplein Eindhoven


Level Acoustics & Vibration has participated in the design team of Hurks, Barcode Architects, Vesteda and Karres en Brands to design a new iconic building at Eindhoven Stationsplein. The design is called “start.” (pronounced: start punt, in Dutch) and consists of a 70-100 meter high building with a sloped roof with balconies and a square see-through in the middle of the building, making it a recognisable structure standing out amongst the rest. The aim was to design a building in this central location of the city that breathes technology and design. A building that expresses and marks the power of the city Eindhoven.

The main acoustical challenge in this project was the vicinity of the railway station and the railway track. Vibrations due to passing (freight) trains had to be sufficiently dampened. Also the sound immission from the trains on the façade was a factor to be dealt with in the design. These aspects were integrated in the final design.


Read here the press release that Hurks has published (in Dutch) about the contest.

Overview of the new design of the Stationsplein