Raceway Venray

Raceway Venray

Raceway Venray is a private project and is situated in a rural area in the southeast of the Netherlands. During the year, several kinds of race events take place on the circuit, like races with stockcars and dirtbikes. Sound levels on the circuit have to be kept within bounds. Sound is created not only by the race cars, but also by the visiting audience, their cars and the speech communication system.

Level Acoustics & Vibration has assisted in several aspects of the project. Determining the allowable levels of noise was done in close dialogue with the municipality of Venray and owners of the surrounding dwellings. In order to determine these levels several long-distance measurements were done in the area.

After the legal framework was setup, Level Acoustics & Vibration designed the necessary measures that needed to be taken around the circuit to not exceed the allowable sound limit. The measures entailed a restriction on the amount of race days and several purpose-made sound barriers of different heights between the circuit and the houses.