Echo, also previously known as Laboratorium voor Akoestiek, houses the staff of Level Acoustics & Vibration as well as university staff of the chair Building Acoustics at TU/e.  More information on the staff of Building Acoustics can be found at this page.


The researchers and consultants working at Level Acoustics & Vibration are:


Susanne Bron – van der Jagt   e-mail   LinkedIn

Ioanna Christia   e-mail   LinkedIn

Eddy Gerretsen   e-mail   LinkedIn

Nicole van Hout   e-mail   LinkedIn

Arnold Koopman   e-mail   LinkedIn

Claire Laudij – van Koot   e-mail   LinkedIn

Sven Lentzen   e-mail   LinkedIn

Elma Phaff    e-mail

Antonio Sorrentino   e-mail   LinkedIn

Theo Raijmakers   e-mail   LinkedIn

Remy Wenmaekers   e-mail   Linkedin